About Us

I’ve been painting stripes on parking lots and warehouse floors for years.  Over time, I began to have ideas about how to make the work faster, better and easier.  So I started designing and manufacturing a few items.  This resulted in the LaserPoint™ brand name, under which I began to sell a few kits.

Fast forward a little while, and my relationship with Titan® began to grow enough to where they wanted me to become a dealer for their products.  Hey, why not?  I use their products, and they use mine.  It can’t hurt, right?

That's me in the video below, laying down some stripes.  My name is Eric Bernhard.  If you want to talk about any LaserPoint™ or Titan® product on this website, contact me.  If I'm not out in the hot sun laying down some stripes, and trying out my latest inventions, I'd gladly chat with you.

Thank you for visiting!